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2021-11-12 09:43:41 By : Mr. Benjamin Tang

When a client entered Ripples for the first time and worked with one of the senior designers, Jo Sangster, to turn her vision into reality, she was full of ideas

The client had a clear understanding of the style she wanted to create in her master suite, and we were fortunate to be able to use a completely clean slate in this space. As we were guided by the products we chose and the view of the entire bathroom, the layout was quickly formed.

By using each end of the room, Joe created two completely different spaces to relax and rejuvenate. At one end of the room is a charming roll-top bathtub, and customers like to relax at the end of the day. The boat bath is painted black, exuding charm, and the simple subway tiles and white wall background add drama to the space.

On the other hand, designer Jo uses Crittall-style glass to separate a dedicated shower area. The contrast between black metal and glass is very eye-catching, especially when paired with brushed brass elements, including showers, faucets and even shower squeegees.

The custom furniture used in the design allows for built-in practical storage space-perfect for storing bottles and other bathroom essentials. Built-in niches in the shower area and bathtub area increase the display space for decorations such as candles, diffusers and plants.

Installer comment: This space was previously divided into two rooms-a bathroom and a separate cloakroom. In order to create the master bedroom suite that the owner has always dreamed of, the two rooms need to be knocked open to ensure that there is enough space for a separate bathtub and walk-in shower, leading to the master bedroom. The room is now a great size, but it does have its limitations, that is, the solid walls and floors and the almost central door need to compete with it. Another key challenge in decorating this room was laying the mosaic tile floor. The unique frame design takes a long time to perfect, and the use of dark grout means that if the pattern is not correct, there is nowhere to hide.

The children's suite used to be a small underutilized area, and some clever design is needed to transform it into a practical toilet for the children in this family house. This Moroccan-style ensuite bathroom is cleverly designed to make full use of awkward spaces. Due to the need to deal with diagonal walls and narrow corners, Joe has a challenging task, but is good at finding clever solutions to overcome this problem.

The pentagonal shower cubicle is neatly inserted into a corner of the room, which is an excellent space-saving solution for this small en suite bathroom. 

Then, in order to create a lot of hidden storage space, Jo chose a shallow cabinet with deep drawers to neatly store towels, flannel and other shower necessities. 

For the decoration elements in the room, the soft mint green and the bright monochromatic tones have achieved a perfect balance between modern and individual design. 

The starry painted floor tiles form a perfect pattern accent, adding a fun element that runs through the entire family. 

Installer's comment: The original children's suite had many typical features, including sloping ceilings and awkward corners. Although Jo can handle these nuances and make them a feature in the room, it requires a more customized and tailored approach.

Customers are keen to keep the cloakroom fairly simple. However, as a room that everyone will use when they visit, it must also look important. As a cloakroom, our space is quite limited, which means that we must very cleverly consider the location of wash basins and toilets. 

When you approach the cloakroom, the cloakroom comes out of the utility and kitchen area, and we decided to place the washbasin in the only place that can be seen when the door is opened. 

In order to make full use of the compact space, we chose an almost seamless floor-to-ceiling design, making people mistakenly believe that the room is larger than it actually is. 

Inspired by the warm earth tones, Jo paired rustic terracotta floor tiles with cinnamon glazed tiles on the wall to create a charming space.

The client discovered the gray concrete pool and immediately fell in love with it. Its unique pinstripe pattern, curved corners and integrated splash guard make it an eye-catching addition to the cloakroom, while the addition of brushed brass metalware adds surprises to guests.

Installer comment: The biggest limitation of this room is its small size. However, installing a hidden water tank and choosing a wall-mounted toilet can maximize the use of space.

Founded in 1988 by Roger and Sandra Kyme, Ripples is an award-winning bathroom retailer known for its custom designs. Since opening its first showroom in Bath more than 30 years ago, Ripples has franchised its business and now has 13 showrooms in the UK. Ripples provides truly tailor-made bathroom services, from product sourcing and design consulting, to installation by trusted local suppliers.

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