The cool and expandable Form Camper unfolds from the truck bed-SlashGear

2021-11-12 09:39:45 By : Mr. Andy Zhou

Form Camper showed an interesting new camper van that can be used with a variety of truck models. From the upcoming Tesla Cyber ​​truck to the first-class Ford F-150 pickup, Form Camper can be used. Although the camper seems to be specifically designed for use with the unreleased Cybertruck, it is not limited to this vehicle. It adopts a rectangular box form, which can be put into almost any truck compartment.

Once deployed from the floor of the truck, the camper will be fully deployed using an electric drive system. Part of the Form Camper stays on the bed of the truck to form a sleeping area, while the rest of the expandable camper protrudes from the back of the truck to form a room on the ground. The hard top covers all the space in the camper.

After deployment, the camper will have 71 square feet of ground space and a door, allowing users to enter and exit the camper as needed. Form Camper will also deploy two nylon ripstop canopies on each side to provide some protected outdoor space. When used in environments where truck owners may want to off-road or use pickup trucks for other purposes, the entire camper can be deployed as an independent unit away from the vehicle.

According to the manufacturer, the entire deployment and setup of the camper will take five minutes to set up. The double bed can be put on a pickup bed, and can be stored in a camper van after being folded in half. The user must slide out the kitchen stove and sink as well as a separate workbench as needed.

The kitchen area does include a refrigerator/freezer unit and drawers and cabinets for storage. Another interesting feature is that campers use two-way slides and two-sided cabinets to allow the kitchen to be used inside or outside the enclosure. There is also an upholstered bench on the back wall of the fence for added comfort. The bench can be removed as a wet bathtub with a portable toilet, wall-mounted shower and privacy door.

It is expected that the camper will use 300 Ah deep-cycle lithium-ion batteries or battery packs from electric vehicles such as Cybertruck or F-150 Lightning. However, to help extend battery life, Form Camper does have a 400-watt solar charging system on the roof. It can also store 189 liters of fresh water under the bed and is equipped with a reverse osmosis system to purify the water in lakes and rivers.

The camper is made of aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between carbon fibers. The estimated dry weight is 1000 pounds, and when filled with water, it weighs 1300 pounds. When compressed into a box form, it will be available in a single size of 9.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 feet. It fits any truck bed from 5.5 to 8 feet long. However, it is suitable for shorter truck beds, but requires a support arm mounted on a hook to maintain stability during expansion.

Although Form Camper is directly aimed at users of electric pickup trucks, it is not suitable for Rivian R1T because the truck’s bed is very short, only 4.5 feet. The company plans to complete its second prototype in the second quarter of 2022, noting that its specifications and features may change. Production is expected to start in the second half of 2022, with a limited production of 500 units. The estimated price is approximately US$69,500. However, those who pay a deposit of $10,000 will get one unit at a price of $49,500, and the supply is limited to 25 units.