The first structured water equipment certified to produce H3O2-a breakthrough water treatment system with no need to replace parts

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Lubbock, Texas, October 26, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Wellness Enterprise, Inc., the operator of structured water supermarkets, announced the release of the AQUA ENERGIZER™ series of structured aquatic products certified by HyFo Lab, LLC , To produce certified H3O2, called fourth-phase water or structured water.

HyFo Lab, LLC cooperates with the non-profit hydration foundation founded by Gina Bria. The HyFo Lab, LLC test protocol is based on training and inspiration from the Pollack Laboratory at the University of Washington. Dr. Gerald Pollack identified H3O2 as the fourth phase of water. HyFo Lab, LLC tests to verify the presence of structured water or fourth phase water. To view the AQUA ENERGIZER certificate, please click here.

Solve dehydration problems with equipment suitable for entire houses, sinks, showers, gardens, RVs, small houses and portable equipment

AQUA ENERGIZERS has significant advantages over traditional water filters, and is designed to have a long service life without the need for replacement parts, maintenance or electricity. Available through, they can be used for whole house installations, under sinks, showers, gardens, RVs, small houses and portable devices for people on the go. 

In addition to being the first certified structured water device, there is evidence that AQUA ENERGIZERS changes the oxidation state of chemicals from toxic to non-toxic. The new test results confirm the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack: structured or fourth stage water control pollutants. You can see the test results here!

The water provided by AQUA ENERGIZERS can charge the cells and remove the toxicity in the body. Bria quoted Dr. Zach Bush as saying, “There is now clinical evidence that charged or structured water is essential to help cells hydrate and perform their natural elimination function through lymph, lungs, liver, and skin.” (Cell-to-Cell Communication: Health and The Three Elements of Human Rehabilitation, 2016.) 

According to Bria, "...charged cells are hydrated cells that can provide us with fuel according to nature's intentions. So much hydration keeps us moist, conducts energy, removes waste, and coordinates signals between cells. Of course, It is water that carries waste and pollutants in our body." 

In her blog, Bria also said: "Filters can make your water taste or smell better, but they can't provide energy to help you overcome our common low-level fatigue."  

Ben Edwards, MD from Veritas Medical, believes that using structured water to replenish hydration is the foundation of health. "I am very happy to provide my patients with Aqua Energizer structured water equipment, because replenishment is one of the four pillars of optimal health, and Aqua Energizers produces the most moisturizing water I have ever experienced." 

Patrick Durkin is the CEO of The Wellness Enterprise and the author of "Flow: From Pure and Safe Water to Higher States of Consciousness". He has been the world's top in structured water for more than 10 years One of the educators. "Finally, with Aqua Energizer, people believe that their equipment has been proven to produce structured water."

Founded by Patrick Durkin in 2013, The Wellness Enterprise is a sacred business company built around health, hydration and happiness. Wellness Enterprise is a global leader in structured water, with the highest form of water science, purification and treatment equipment on the market. For more information about structured water, visit the Water School and Hydrate Now courses on

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