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2021-11-12 09:44:51 By : Mr. Vincent Chan

If you think that a small bathroom shouldn't mean sacrificing comfort, then you have come to the right place. Who said that lack of space means facing the ultimatum of shower and bathtub? not us!

The shower combination is by no means a new design fashion-in fact, this space-saving solution has existed for about a century. Although you may have been exposed to quite a few outdated shower diagonal bathtub designs, if done well, this dual function of functionality can become a design hero!

It's time to dispel your hesitation-if you have been weighing the combination of shower and bathtub, these six designs will surely convince you.

This ingenious design makes full use of every corner and gap, and the gorgeous claw-foot freestanding bathtub is hidden behind the dressing table. Adding Art Deco style pendants to the space perfectly blends the retro theme!

When dealing with small spaces, the choice and aspect of materials are the key! This shower combination makes full use of natural light, with smooth wall tiles bouncing around the space. The use of white hardware creates a subtle appearance, and the shower head and faucet are almost integrated with the surrounding environment.

By using a simple monochromatic palette and classic, low-key tiles, this design creates the illusion of space-despite the lack of space. When it comes to highlighting space, white is always a safe choice-if you want, you can offset it with brushed gold or matte black hardware to add a little interest!

If you have a room, making a compelling statement with a free-standing bathtub and a gorgeous draped shower curtain will definitely increase your bath time. Inserting your shower head directly into the ceiling will also add extra luxury.

Still not enough to declare? This built-in tiled number will surely make you fascinated. These three tiles are perfectly combined to create just the right amount of drama, while still maintaining a rustic feel. Pure perfection!

If soft, gentle and calm tones are your style, then this water wonderland will be your best choice. The decision to use a free-standing sink kept the bathroom from being enclosed, while natural light shines in through the windows and reflects off the smooth subway tiles.

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