Jonathan Brightwell continues to lead in the cool and rainy weather in the Korn Ferry International Tour Qualifying Tournament final stage

2021-11-12 09:38:38 By : Mr. Wesley Zhu

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Savannah, Georgia-The temperature dropped to more than 40 degrees and the light drizzle at the beginning turned into showers throughout the day, but the first-round leader Jonathan Brewell did nothing on the Magnolia court of The Landings Club Fear-The game here is once again harder to play than Marshwood, the host stadium for the Korn Ferry International Tour Qualifier Finals. Brightwell shot 68 on Friday, 2 under par and maintained a one-shot lead on the court.

As a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he played his fifth and final college season at the University of Oklahoma (awarded NCAA student athlete due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Hit his first 10 holes at par 1. Even if the situation worsened, Brightwell birdied himself on Magnolia's first nine holes, taking advantage of positions 2, 5 and 8.

"I hit the ball very close in 8th place," Brightwell said. "It's a strange-looking green. The needle looks like it's in the water. I put it there two or three feet. When the weather starts to get cold and rain, there is a nice look that is huge."

Brightwell, a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, received an enthusiastic text after the first round of the game on Thursday. Brightwell was quite surprised by the news from Matthew Wolff. The two played in many friendly matches at Edmund Oaks Country Club, and there were several other professional players, from PGA Tour players to other players in the finals, but Brightwell believes that Wolf is focused on the world that will be held in Mayakoba this week. Tech Championship.

"I don't know what to do," Brightwell said, noting that Wolfe led the PGA Tour after shooting 61 under 10. We were smoked. "

Marshwood recorded the 13 lowest scores under par on Friday. In the first round on Thursday, 20 of the 23 pars came from Marshwood. Magnolia's lowest score on Friday afternoon was a 68 with six players, 2 under par.

What is the biggest reason for the difference in scores? The extreme slopes of the redesigned Magnolia Green Complex this year face greater challenges than Marshwood's more traditional contours.

"They are very similar on the tee, and then Magnolia's green is unreal," Brightwell said. "They are difficult, but fair. You just don't see a lot like it. It's just two putts, get up and push in. They are very similar (courses), but if you are not in position or (on the green) On the wrong side, a completely different test is presented."

The final stage of the Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament determines which players will receive guaranteed starts for the Korn Ferry Tour season in 2022.

    • Medal winners (and ties) get a full exemption for 2022 • 2-10 (and ties) finishers are guaranteed to enter the first 12 events of the 2022 Korn Ferry International Tour season • 11-40 (and ties) ) Guaranteed to enter the first eight events of the Korn Ferry International Tour season in 2022• The remaining events will be eligible for conditional participation in 2022

Through two rounds of competition, the deadline for guaranteed departure is 13-way T37 par.

The third round of kick-off time will start from 9 am to 11:12 am EST on the first and 10th teeing grounds of the two courts. PGA TOUR LIVE will broadcast the final round of Sunday through the NBCA Sports app and

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