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2021-11-12 09:38:29 By : Ms. Alice Huang

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This unusually complex rehabilitation center takes the traditional style and characteristics of the house and combines it with rustic and modern elements.

The builder Túlio Deleon carefully ensured that the house he rebuilt was located at 5304 Cedar Ave. 19143 (third from left) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It got along well with the neighbors and even got the correct details on the restored cornice. Internally, however, it will surprise you with its respectable modern update. | Bright MLS image from Simple Choice Realty

We have a rule on the PhillyMag Real Estate and Family Channel: With very few exceptions, we do not recommend houses with empty rooms. Many people have a hard time imagining what it would be like to put furniture in an ordinary empty box, so we do our part to stimulate their imagination, by taking pictures of rooms that already have furniture, whether real or virtual of.

However, when the room in the house is visually strong enough to carry photos alone, I do violate this rule occasionally. The sale of this restored Cedar Park row house is one of these exceptions.

The owner of Santuario Philadelphia, Túlio Deleon, rebuilt and owns it, and while respecting its traditional features, he brilliantly brings the house into the here and now. In the process, he also recycled it, using wood recovered from the demolition to build many of the fixtures you will see in the photos below.

To this end, he also hired the design services of Stone & Sage Interiors, and hired Retone Interior Design to build the main floor.

The quality of the work should be obvious the moment you see the house, but it should also shine in the enclosed sunny porch. It retains the original living room windows and adds a retro-style tiled floor.

One of the main ways the designer brought the house here and now is to expose the brick wall and the west side of the house in most places. Combined with gleaming restored parquet floors, decorative mantels and white painted railings, the exposed brick walls make the living room popular.

In the dining room, the built-in reclaimed wooden shelves and dark stains on the railings of the stairs leading to the basement-considering the age of the house, I suspect it was originally closed but now open-give it some vitality.

Modern and rustic design meet in the kitchen. Here, recycled wood shelves and islands add warmth to modern slate gray cabinets, white quartz countertops and floors, farmhouse sinks and stainless steel appliances.

Upstairs, the reconstruction adds a nice traditional style to the corridor on the second floor, with its stained glass skylights rescued from a church built in 1820.

The master bedroom gets a lot of light through the bay window, and it also has an exposed brick wall. (There is also one in the back bedroom.)

The lobby bathroom also blends modern, rustic and retro. The claw-foot bathtub with shower is a retro part. The surrounding black Italian tiles and toilets and hexagonal tile floors are the modern part. The mirror and double dressing table are made of reclaimed wood, providing a rustic feel. Modern boat basins make the appearance more perfect, and Bluetooth speakers provide sound.

The basement entertainment room has exposed original beams, modern metal partitions on the stairs and some more reclaimed wood.

The complete bathroom next to it is completely modern. It also has a bathtub with rain shower head.

The designer also rehabilitated the exterior, with sidewalk lighting in front and a lit stone road in the backyard of the landscape.

The location of this stunner is also very convenient. The Baltimore Avenue business district and the Route 34 Trolley are located two blocks to the south, offering many interesting and unique shopping and dining experiences. Mariposa Food Co-Op is located a few blocks east of Baltimore. Across the street is the PHMC Public Health Campus in Cedar, formerly known as Mercy Philadelphia Hospital, which cooperates with Penn Medicine to provide outpatient and inpatient medical services.

With its exquisite appearance, modern yet rustic style, respect for the past and convenient location, this restored Cedar Park townhouse for sale is a real winner. And its starting price is very attractive.

Other things: This house has a 10-year property tax exemption period.

5304 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143 [Christopher Carr | Easy Real Estate Selection via Zillow]

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