Evening update: sporadic snow and showers will continue

2021-11-16 21:49:49 By : Ms. Sunny Ren

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Snow showers will continue to be mixed with light rain tonight. For the remainder of the night, isolated heavy snow may still occur. It is expected that there will be no accumulation on the road, but the driver should pay attention to the rapid decrease in visibility.

We do expect most of the snow showers to end before 8pm. There may be some small winds overnight.

The snow showers will gradually diminish after 8pm; however, there may still be some light winds overnight. We are observing that another system will arrive from Saturday night to Sunday, bringing another round of snow to the area.

Most of the showers this morning took the form of showers, but by noon we started to see more snow mixed together.

We are also beginning to see more convective snow showers (dark purple). These are the types of snow showers that produce rapid snow accumulation, reducing local visibility to a mile or less. These will become more throughout the afternoon. 

The main concern remains the reduced visibility in these snow showers. Under these snow showers, some slush may accumulate on the grass, but since the ground temperature is still more than 40 years old, they will melt.

Rain, snow, and rain/snow showers continue in southeastern Wisconsin. Some of you must have reported seeing the first snowflake of the season, but we haven't seen any snowflakes yet. Those snow showers are definitely possible, especially from noon to early afternoon. Blizzard will quickly reduce visibility, giving us the best chance to accumulate snow, mainly on the grass. 

So far, we have mainly seen light snow in southwestern and south-central Wisconsin, but once it reaches our area, it will start to mix or turn to rain. The chance of showers will last most of the day. This is the radar image as of 9:10 am.

In addition to rain, snow and mixed showers, we will also encounter considerable wind today. Not as strong as Thursday, but it is still possible to reach 30 miles per hour gusts, because the wind is in the wind all day. 

Our first snowflake of the season is here! Before midnight last night, there were showers, mixed showers and snow showers in southeastern Wisconsin. Mixed showers will last all day. Some places have reported some snowflakes, and these snowflakes should remain bright for most of the day. This is the radar image as of 6:30 AM:

There will definitely be some snow showers throughout the day. These blizzards can cause reduced visibility, so if you are driving, expect visibility to change rapidly as the blizzard moves.

Those blizzards can sometimes cause some muddy, humid snow, mainly on the grass. The muddy snow on the sidewalk cannot be completely ruled out, but it takes a lot of snow to happen.

We are still looking at another chance of mixing or snowing on Sunday. It now appears that most of the precipitation will be snow, but some rainfall may be mixed in near the lakeshore and near the border of Illinois. The snowfall on Sunday mainly starts in the morning from midnight on Saturday night to early afternoon. There is a better chance of getting some snow, especially on the grass surface.

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