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2021-11-12 09:38:22 By : Ms. Ada Yu

It is not uncommon to want to return to a comfortable hot shower after a busy day. Using the rain shower head, you can flexibly use soft, gentle rain or downpour to soothe tired muscles, massage to eliminate any pressure and pressure. The best part? Rain shower heads are available in a variety of prices and styles, which are suitable for most showers. The 12-inch BWE rain shower has an elegant, streamlined appearance, high quality and reasonable price.

Given that rain showers are becoming more and more popular, you will find that there are many options to choose from, although knowing which is best for your needs can become challenging.

High-quality rain showers are usually made of stainless steel and brass, and are plated with different finishes such as chrome or aged bronze. These materials are durable and resistant to corrosion while maintaining a high-end, luxurious appearance. Cheaper shower heads are often made of various plastics, including ABS, a heat-resistant and waterproof polymer, which is an excellent low-cost option.

Water pressure may be the less glamorous side of buying a rain shower head, but it plays a vital role in the performance of your shower head. Your home water pressure directly affects the performance of your rain shower head, because your home water regulator controls the pressure. The standard setting is 50 pounds per square inch, which is sufficient for rain shower heads. If your number is lower than this number, we recommend that you contact a professional to make simple but necessary adjustments.

For rain shower heads, big is not always better. You need to evaluate and choose the best shower head for your shower space. Larger shower heads are suitable for oversized open showers, but will quickly flood and wet smaller areas. A rain shower with a size of 5-10 inches is more suitable for smaller spaces.

Some rain shower heads have an articulated arm that can protrude from the wall. This style allows the shower head to be moved higher or lower, which is very suitable for taller individuals or families with different heights.

Compared with cheaper similar products, high-end rain shower nozzles have many advantages, including their spray mode. Although standard nozzles only provide fixed spray, better nozzles can provide different spray widths, flow rates and droplet sizes.

If you want to get a more realistic feeling of rain from the rain shower nozzle, you will want to look for a shower nozzle with ventilation function. Aeration introduces air into the water stream, thereby bringing a more natural feel to the skin.

You can find high-quality shower heads priced between US$20 and US$40, and are available in 5-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch models. Rain showers priced between US$40 and US$70 are often models with articulated arms and additional features. For models with multiple pattern settings, high-end finishes, and adjustable spray widths, you may have to pay between $70 and $250.

Answer: Yes. Rain shower nozzles have multiple nozzles, which can spray water like rain, while waterfall shower nozzles produce a flat, wide water surface.

A. Rain showers usually have an easy-to-clean surface, just wipe them with a damp cloth. You need to avoid using any abrasive cleaners because they will scratch the finish surface.

BWE Rain Shower Head 12": Available on Amazon

Our view: This high-quality rain shower is made of sturdy brass, with brushed nickel finish, equipped with a 12-inch square rain shower and a hand shower.

What we like: This stylish, elegantly designed rain shower head is easy to install and offers impressive water flow. It has a pressure balance valve for consistent water control and aeration that simulates the feeling of rain.

What we don’t like: Some people find that the necessary gaskets are missing from the assembly kit.

AKDY dual-function rain shower 8 inches: available on Amazon

Our view: The quality and appearance of this rain shower head has many unexpected features, and the price is surprisingly low.

What we like: Made of high-quality ABS plastic, with a chrome finish, you will find a high-end look at a low-end price. It has an adjustable metal ball joint that allows you to reach any desired angle. It also has two set of water jets to provide a spa-like shower experience.

What we don’t like: Although well made, ABS plastic is not as durable as stainless steel and brass.

Lordear Rainfall shower head 12 inches: available on Amazon

Our view: This 12-inch adjustable shower head is made of stainless steel and has a highly polished effect to provide a powerful shower experience.

What we like: Lordear rain showers provide a high-end look at a low price. It has a modern, ultra-thin head that covers a wide range. It provides impressive water pressure and is easy to install.

What we don’t like: Some people report quality issues after using it for a few months.

Aquadance Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rain Shower Head 7 inches: Available on Amazon

Our view: This 7-inch rain shower offers a variety of finishes, adjustable angles, six settings and hand showers.

What we like: This luxurious, high-quality shower offers six different settings. The matching hand shower has a 4-inch face and an ergonomically designed handle. It includes a patented three-way manifold and a 5-foot-long reinforced stainless steel hose.

What we don’t like: Although this model looks stainless steel, it is made of chrome-plated ABS plastic material, and only the hose is made of real stainless steel. 

SR Sun Rise Brushed Nickel Rain Shower System 12 inches: Available on Amazon

Our view: This high-end stainless steel rain shower has a 10-year warranty, is stylish and modern, and offers four different finishes.

What we like: A variety of finish options provide modern options for all bathrooms. Its air energy technology provides a consistent, powerful feeling of rainfall even under low water pressure. It has a matching hand-held shower head, both of which are corrosion resistant.

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